• Safety & Security

    Here at Deerfield Public Schools District, the safety and well-being of our students and staff is a top priority. We are proud to collaborate closely with our wonderful community partners to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone. As a part of our safety measures, we have a dedicated School Resource Officer who moves between buildings throughout the school day. Additionally, we have hired a Director of Safety and Security who will float between our District 109 buildings, Bannockburn School District 106, and North Shore School District 112. 

    To further enhance safety in our buildings we undergo regular assessments conducted by a trusted third-party organization. These assessments help us implement appropriate safety measures effectively. While we cannot share specific details publicly to maintain the integrity of our comprehensive safety plan, please rest assured that we are committed to safeguarding our students, staff, and school community. 

  • Meet our School Resource Officer!

    Officer Lauren Maldonado

    Officer Maldonado has been with the Deerfield Police Department for almost six years. Before joining DPD, she was a 4th-grade teacher for 7 years in North Chicago. While visiting each building, Officer Maldonado looks forward to seeing the friendly faces of students and staff throughout the day. Establishing a sense of safety for the 109 community is very important to Lauren and she believes her presence and strong relationships with our community have helped improve that level of safety. 

Lauren 2
  • Meet our Director of Safety and Security!

    Solveig Jurmu

    Ms. Jurmu is our shared director of safety and security with North Shore School District 112 and Bannockburn School District 106. Jurmu brings extensive law enforcement experience to the role, after a distinguished career as a police officer in Wilmette. She attained the rank of Sergeant before her retirement summer of 2023. She will oversee the three districts' safety & security planning, training, oversight, interdistrict communication, liaison with first responders, and implementation of safety & security protocols including ALICE training, behavioral response, and related issues of safety. 

  • We work hard to maintain a strong and positive working relationship with the Deerfield Police Department and the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department. This relationship is presented throughout the entire school year with philanthropy events, fun rides to school, and more.
  • State Required Drills

    The state of Illinois requires school districts to practice a minimum of 3 evacuation drills and 1 bus evacuation drill each academic school year. One of the evacuation drills must include the participation of your local fire department. These drills will not come by surprise, you will hear from your building principal when these drills will be conducted throughout the year.

    Below is a list of the state's mandatory drills:

    - 3 Fire Evacuation Drills

    - 1 Bus Evacuation Drill

    - 1 Shelter in Place (i.e. tornado or inclement weather)

    - 1 Law Enforcement Drill


  • We value the trust and support of our community, and together, we are committed to fostering a secure and nurturing environment for everyone at Deerfield Public Schools.

  • Make Sure You Are In The Know

    Help us help you! Please double-check that your email and phone number are correct in Skyward. If you would like to receive a text message, please list your phone number as cellular. If your information is incorrect or you would like to change it, please contact our Technology Specialist, Ron Lowe

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