Department Staff


    John Filippi, Ed.D., SFO
    Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations, CSBO
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7215

    Bennett Kostecki
    Business Manager
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7225

    Peggy Bertsos
    Benefits Specialist
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7224

    Katy Ruocco

    Katy Ruocco
    Accounts Payable
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7223

    Susan Monaghan

    Susan Monaghan
    Payroll Coordinator
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7226

    Rosa Castillo
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7221


Welcome to the Department of Finance & Operations

  • The Department of Finance & Operations provides responsible fiscal and operational management of the District to support staff success, student achievement, and encourage community support. Areas that fall within the department’s responsibility include:

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Employee Benefits
    • Facilities Management
    • Fee Collection
    • Insurance
    • Payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Technology
    • Transportation
    • Work Permits


Work Permits

  • Parents of District 109 students can visit the District Center to get work permits for their children. Work permits are issued to minors through age 15 years; a written application must be completed in order to obtain a work permit for a minor and is required under section 205./12 of the Illinois Child Labor Law. Requirements under the Illinois Child Labor Law include:

    • Parent or guardian must be present at the time the application is filed
    • The minor child to whom the permit will be issued must be present to obtain the work permit.

    The following information must be provided for verification:

    • The child’s social security card.
    • A statement of intention to employ signed by the prospective employer listing the nature of the occupation in which he intends to employ the minor. The exact hours of the day and number of hours per day and days per week must be listed.
    • Verification of age:
      • Birth Certificate furnished by the State or County or a signed statement of the recorded date and place of birth issued by a registrar of vital records or passport; or
      • A certificate of baptism duly certified showing the date of birth and place of baptism of the child.
    • Phone number and current address.
    • The date of the child’s last physical, which must be within one year of the date the minor is applying.
    • During the school year only: The pink principal form verifying that the minor is making satisfactory academic progress to work part-time. This can be issued on the school letterhead and signed by the principal.
    • The work permit form (issued by the Illinois Department of Labor), available from the District Center.

    Please contact Rosa Castillo at 847-945-1844 x7221 with questions about work permits.