• DPS 109 The Mission and Vision

    What Does The #109Way Mean?



    District 109: Where challenging experiences foster confidence, collaborative relationships build community, and creative environments ignite curiosity.



    We will develop each student to be emotionally resilient, socially skilled, and academically prepared by forging connections within, across, and beyond our classrooms, and by embracing each student's uniqueness.




            • Believe that students construct meaning through authentic experiences, imaginative play, and intellectual challenge.
            • Prioritize social-emotional skills as the foundational building block to academic skills.
            • Commit to inclusive practices that ensure equitable outcomes across educational environments for all students.
            • Embrace people of all identities, races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, orientations, education levels, national origins, or any other distinguishing characteristics or trait. 
            • Engage our educators and all other stakeholders in respectful and professional dialogue to make decisions that are best for our students.