The 20th Century
  • Eighth grade social studies focuses on 20th Century U.S. History. Beginning at the turn of the century, we will study our involvement in wars (both hot and cold), good and bad economic times, civil rights, the end of the century, and current issues.


  • History is in my blood. I am originally from Galena, Illinois, the pre-Civil War home of Gen. Ulysses Grant and eight other Civil War generals. It is known as "The Town That Time Forgot." It was there that I realized that we all walk in the footsteps of those who came before us. We are influenced by where and when we grew up and the legacy of that place. When you grow up walking on the same sidewalks that General Grant, lead miners, riverboat captains, and families who waited to see if their loved ones would return from a civil war, the connections to history become real. My goal is to help my students begin to make connections between U.S. history and themselves, to see that what happened in history helped to shape their family and the lives they live today.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kim Goldberg

I am excited to begin my 20th year teaching at Caruso! When I began teaching 8th grade at Caruso, my twin boys were 8th graders at Shepard. Today, one of my boys is getting his Ph.D. in Literature, Language and Culture at the Univeristy of Iowa. My other son is married and the father of two-year-old twin boys, and he is the adaptive PE teacher in District 109. Lots of changes during my time here!

Personally, my husband and I have lived in Deerfield for 33 years. I graduated from Millikin University a few years ago(!) and worked at Bank Marketing Association in Chicago for six years, until I had my twins. When the boys went to school I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. I earned my teaching certificate at Northeastern Illinois University and then taught for two years at Middle School South in Lake Zurich before coming to Caruso. My Master's in Curriculum and Instruction is from National Lewis University. I am also National Board Certified and have an endorsement in Gifted Education.


Thoughts About History

  • The historian has a very important role in our society. He/She is the controlling voice in the events that have shaped our society and our national character. When he/she writes about the American Revolucation or the Federalist Papers, the Dred Scot decision or the campaign against the Plains Indians, he/she decides for the rest of us what is significant. He/She is the window through which we see our past, the mirror in which we see ourselves. - Author Unknown

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana 1863-1962, philosopher, poet, novelist

    History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree on. - Napolean Bonaparte 1769-1821, general, ruler of France

    History, a distillation of rumor. - Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881, Scottish essayist and historian

    The past is really almost as much a work of the imagination as the future. - Jessamyn West, 20th century author

    The past is malleable and flexible, changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened. - Peter L. Berger, 20th century sociologist

    The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice. - Mark Twain 1835-1910, steamboat captain, author



    They Shall Not Grow Old is a documentary by Peter Jackson. He has taken archival footage, colorized it, and added sound. Part of his reasoning has to do with the idea that, while most of what we see about WWI is silent and in black and white, what the soldiers experienced was in color and had sound. This film is meant to show a soldier's life in WWI. While I have not yet seen the film, it is definitely on my list and could be worthwhile for history-lovers out there.  Here is a link to a short interview with Peter Jackson. Interview