• The events that transpired on July 4, 2022 in Highland Park were utterly heartbreaking. It's more important than ever that we come together as a community to support our neighbors and each other as we work through these difficult times together.

    Deerfield Public Schools District 109 is committed to the safety & security of all students and staff and regularly reviews our safety plan with experts. Below, watch a presentation from the July 28, 2022 Board of Education meeting or read the highlighted information below:  

    As a school system, we do not publicly publish our emergency plans and procedures. If we did this, it would diminish their efficacy. DPS 109 does have plans, procedures and supports in place for:

      • Deterrence

        • Signage on campuses, environmental design features, planter bollards outside main entrances, exterior lighting intended to discourage unauthorized access
      • Detection

        • Video surveillance accessible to staff and first responders, integrated PA systems, panic buttons, an increased number and quality of two-way radios, access controls that include visitor screening
      • Delay

        • Reinforced facility entries, bullet-resistant glazing, appropriate door-locking hardware throughout all facilities
      • Response

        • Comprehensive national incident management system aligned Emergency Operations Plan, staff trained in comprehensive school threat assessment guidelines (CSTAG), methods of monitoring district communications to identify potential red flags, clinical staff members have met over the summer and have been trained to support kids and families who return to school with increased anxiety; new staff will be trained in the next couple of weeks

    These plans and procedures have been vetted by national security experts and DPS 109 is in frequent collaboration with first responders. We have increased our partnership with FEA security consultants and they will be at each school about once a month continuing to evaluate and update security measures. We plan and prepare in a thoughtful and deliberate manner without hubris. We constantly seek ways to be better prepared to ensure the highest level of safety possible.