Food in Our Schools

  • A team of parents, staff and community members created District 109's Food Allergy Management Plan to positively influence the learning environment in all District 109 schools so all teachers could focus on teaching and students could focus on learning, safely and healthfully. This plan was designed specifically to address food allergies but can be used as a stepping stone for the successful management of other food-related issues (diabetes, celiac disease, and gluten sensitivities, etc.). The guidelines allow District 109 schools to be allergy-friendly and ensure that:

    • Students are safe and able to learn academically and grow socially and emotionally in their schools
    • Our school community would gain a better understanding of the needs of students with food allergies and other special dietary needs
    • Parents of those students would gain comfort in that wider understanding of their children’s needs and would be able to easily access resources available to protect the health of children at school
    • Staff would have easy-to-follow guidelines for food in classrooms and around the schools

    The plan is reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to meet those objectives. 

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