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    The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian Sci-fi adventures starring an eight-year-old on a space station who explores the galaxy with friends. (Ages 8–13) 

    The Allusionist Explore the English language, with all its oddities! Filled with good humor and levity, this podcast will help you explore the roots of words and phrases that we use every day. 

    Book Clubs for Kids Middle schoolers discuss books and sometimes hear a celebrity read or answer questions. (Ages 10–14)

    Brains On! Kids submit questions; scientists answer them. Music, wisecracks, and decoding a mystery sound every episode keep things lively. (Ages 9+)

    Freakonomics Radio A podcast created by the co-author of Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics, Stephen Dubner invites listeners to explore the hidden sides of everything. And, given his almost 300 episodes on topics ranging from “Millionaires vs. Billionaires” to “How to Win a Nobel Prize,” he is well on his way to talking about everything.

    Listenwise Listenwise is an award-winning listening skills platform, searchable by topic area or school subject. It advances classroom learning by providing additional content and building listening skills. There is also a focus on current events that keeps learning tied to the real world. 

    Pants on Fire Pants on Fire is a silly game show where a tween gets to interview two grown-ups, one who's an expert on a topic and one's who's lying. Hosts Deborah and L.I.S.A. (a sound effects "robot") guide the kid contestant through the interviews with some goofy jokes and question suggestions, but it's the kids that make this show worth checking out. (Best for: Younger tweens)

    The Past and the Curious History with a side of fun, this features stories about such figures as Nellie Bly and Henry “Box” Brown. (Ages 6+) 

    Peace Out Perfect for getting kids to relax and breathe while sneaking in mindfulness lessons. A great way for kids to wind down. (Ages 5–12)

    Remember Reading? This podcast dives into classic books you have enjoyed over the years and shares the backstory to these books as well as chats with authors inspired by these books.

    Science Friday Regularly one of the most popular science podcasts out there, "SciFri" (as it's known to its fans) has been informing and entertaining listeners for more than 20 years. For curious science lovers who want to learn about the latest discoveries, Ira Flatow's weekly discussions with experts and listeners are a must-listen. (Best for: Tweens and teens)

    Six Minutes Six Minutes is another enthralling, suspenseful audio drama from the creators of the award-winning podcast The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. Featuring a voice cast of real kids, each six-minute episode continues the story of an 11-year-old girl named Holiday who finds herself in the middle of a mystery adventure with no memory of where she came from. New updates are released twice a week, and you'll be counting down the minutes to see what happens next. (Best for: Tweens)

    Smash, Boom, Best This fun and fast-moving spin-off of the popular Brains On! podcast is a family-friendly debate podcast. A kid judge listens to and scores the rousing, fact-based arguments of two contestants. With episodes like "Dragons versus Unicorns" and "Pizza versus Tacos," kids will be hooked, and they won't even notice that they're learning how to defend their ideas along the way. (Best for: Big kids)

    StarTalk Radio Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about all things space: stars, planets, humans in space, and so much more. He also interviews a lot of amazing people, from Buzz Aldrin to Alan Rickman.

    Stuff You Missed in History Class Little-known history comes alive three times a week in this fascinating, comprehensive podcast from the people at HowStuffWorks. You don't need to be a history buff to get hooked, but if you're not, you might become one after a few episodes. With a focus on weird events, overlooked stories, and underrepresented groups, this popular series is educational, too. (Best for: Tweens and teens)

    The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel Middle grade kids script and voice this mystery show in a high-quality cross between The Goonies and Stranger Things, says Bensfield. (Ages 8–12)

    Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me Brainy teens will love this NPR quiz show for its wacky blend of news and comedy. Longtime host Peter Sagal and a panel of comedians/journalists run through a series of recurring segments about the latest news, and listeners can call in to compete. There's even a weekly celebrity guest. Although it's appropriate for radio broadcast, occasionally the jokes get a bit off-color, so make sure teens are mature enough to handle it. (Best for: Teens)

    Welcome to Night Vale Tune into the community radio of this desert town for the news on local weather, the mysterious lights overhead, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, a dog park that prohibits dogs, and dark hooded figures with unknowable powers.