Superintendent Search

  • On this page, information related to the June 8 Board discussion about the Superintendent search is briefly summarized; the second page contains a Search Calendar with specific dates for each step in the search process, including the schedule for the community engagement, profile development, presentation of candidates, and interviews of semifinalists and finalists for the Superintendent position. It was a pleasure meeting with you last night, and we look forward to talking with you each individually this summer as you begin the process of finding a new Superintendent for District 109.

    Dr. Linda Yonke and Dr. Ben Martindale of School Exec Connect

    1. First Decisions
      1. Confidentiality: Candidate names will be kept confidential
      2. Liaison: Consultants will work with the Superintendent and Board President to establish a liaison to assist with meeting setup, communication, and website updates
    2. Your District Website
      1. Calendar: The Search Calendar can be posted on the website as soon as possible
      2. Letter to Staff and Community: This letter should be edited and posted this month
      3. Provide Link to Survey: The survey will be open from August 24 to September 17 
    3. Advertising Decisions: All three publications below will advertise the open position in Dist. 109
      1. On-line Ed Week
      2. On-line AASA/IASA
      3. School Exec Connect Website
    4. Community Engagement/Building the Profile Decisions
      1. Focus Groups: Identify key stakeholders and work with Board/Admin to establish times
      2. On-line Survey: August 24-September 17
      3. New Leadership Profile Report to the Board: September 21
      4. Calendar and Dates Determined by the Board on June 8, 2020 (below)