The Purpose for Evaluation

  • Deerfield Public Schools District 109 recognizes the complexity of teaching and the importance of each staff member’s performance to the growth of children. The design of our evaluation plans are meant to provide a constructive, cooperative, and continuing process for improving the quality of instruction for the children of the district.  Ultimately, our evaluation plans seek to provide the necessary support and conditions for each individual to strive for excellence.  To that end, the plans are highly individualized and include informal daily experiences and interactions, as well as formal observations and discussions between the staff member and evaluator. Through reflection and collaboration, the evaluation process supports staff members in recognizing and understanding their strengths and areas for growth as they relate to their professional responsibilities.

DEA - Licensed Staff

  • The Successor Teach Evaluation Plan utilizes the frameworks for teaching taken from the research of Charlotte Danielson (Enhancing Professional Practice:  A Framework for Teaching, 2007 and 2013). The Danielson Framework is based on empirical studies and theoretical research regarding both teaching and learning. Using an agreed-upon framework helps to structure conversations about performance to guide novice staff members and enhance the performance of veteran staff members. The four domains of teaching responsibility are the following:

    • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
    • Domain 2: The Classroom Environment (The Environment)
    • Domain 3: Instruction (Delivery of Service)
    • Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

    Within each domain are components that define a distinct area of the domain.  Each component is further broken down into more specific and distinct elements. Taken together, the domains, components, and elements constitute a comprehensive framework reflecting the many different aspects of teaching.  Although distinct, each area of the framework is interrelated.

DESSA - Support Staff

  • The support staff evaluation system is designed to contribute to the District’s pursuit of excellence in education. The primary purpose of evaluation and supervision of employees is to promote quality performance and ongoing professional growth. The Evaluation and Professional Growth System also assures the Board of Education and the Deerfield community that quality education is a responsibility shared by all staff. The support staff evaluation system applies to all DESSA employees and uses the term “employee” to refer to all employees filling support staff positions. For the purpose of the support staff evaluation system, the appropriate supervisor or administrator will be referred to as the “evaluator.”

Successor Teacher Evaluation Plan (STEP)

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STEP Documents