Need to Request an Absence?

  • Simply put, it is inevitable that an employee will need to be absent from work.  The DPS109 Board of Education is very generous with extensions of various leave options to employees beginning with a simple sick day and up to and including the consideration of requests for an extended leave of absence.  This website will address options available to all categories of employees and the steps necessary to make a request to be absent from work.


    The information included below is NOT comprehensive of all verbiage or options afforded in DPS109 collectively bargaining agreements, administrator contracts, and/or at-will employees.  Please refer to your contract for exact language and application if any question should arise.

Extended Leave of Absence Request

Sick Days

  • What qualifies as a sick day?

  • How many am I allotted? - DEA and Admin

  • How many am I allotted? - DESSA

  • Sick Day FAQ's

Bereavement Days

  • What is the procedure to request a bereavement day via Frontline Absence Management?

  • How many bereavement days am I allotted? - DEA and Admin

  • How many bereavement days am I allotted? - DESSA

  • Bereavement Day FAQ's

Personal Days

  • What qualifies as a personal day?

  • How many am I allotted? - DEA and Admin

  • How many am I allotted? - DESSA

  • Personal Day FAQ's

Other Options

  • School Business

  • Vacation Days

  • Dock Days

  • Jury Duty

  • Sick Day Donation Request

  • Supplemental Sick Leave

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • General Info – FMLA affords an employee up to 12 weeks of protected leave if the leave meets certain criteria.  If you should inquire or if it should come to the attention of the HR Department that you have had a personal situation that has/may cause you, a child, or a parent to be incapacitated for 3 or more consecutive days and warrant continuing treatment by a health care provider or hospital OR if you are having a child, adopting a child, or requesting parental leave as the father of the child, then the Department for Human Resources is required by federal mandate to determine with certainty if your incapacity will qualify as FMLA.

    What does it mean to be approved or denied for FMLA?  Your certification form will be reviewed and a determination will be made regarding whether your leave qualifies as FMLA. If approved, your FMLA will be designated to start as of the first day of your recorded FMLA occurrence.

    If your certifications results determine that your leave should not be designated as FMLA or you are denied then your leave type will be determined per other available leave options.

    Do I have to accept FMLA?  If your certification form determines that your leave qualifies for FMLA, then FMLA will be initiated. FMLA can run in a consecutive or an intermittent (sporadic) manner. If you have questions regarding these options, please contact the Human Resources Department.

    Leave Etiquette – The Human Resources Department asks that all staff members on leave refrain from working or participating in work activities. We want you to have all the time necessary to dedicate to your recovery or the recovery of the person you are requesting time off to assist.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding FMLA, please contact the Department for Human Resources for assistance.

    847-945-1844 Ext 7222 or

Frontline Absence Management Information

  • The correct procedure to follow when securing a sub in Frontline Absence Management (formerly AESOP) is to enter the absence into Frontline Absence Management as soon as you are able to enter it, that’s it! You SHOULD NOT (ethically speaking) and CANNOT (legally speaking) contact any particular guest teacher to coordinate picking up your request for guest teacher coverage.  All sick days, personal days, school business days, etc. are entered into Frontline Absence Management by the person requesting the day off.  If you have any questions regarding using Frontline Absence Management, please review the link provided below.

    Frontline Absence Management Usage Guide